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With the passion for e-sports, we are committed to creating more professional and free game peripherals, and try our best to give the imagined game peripherals a new life. We believe that every e-sports player pursues the ultimate immersive game experience and looks forward to integrated and intelligent e-sports peripherals.


For every game enthusiast, good game equipment can quickly give them a flowing state and a better gaming experience. Among the game equipment, the game headphones can make people quickly forget everything around and get into the game atmosphere. With the technological innovation, the headphones have become powerful, affordable and independent of the former silly and heavy image. But the current mainstream e-sports headphones are still insufficient in function and appearance. Therefore, with nearly 30 years' game experience, the director of Seth is committed to creating professional, ornamental and user-friendly headphones, so that every enthusiast can enjoy the game, break the dimensional wall and draw closer to the game.


Uphold the original intention and give the imagination a new life




Curious----------------Keep the thirst for knowledge, and constantly explore knowledge


Imagination----------Keep the imagination without being shackled by the environment and reality 


Youth------------------Dare to think and do with the youth aspiration


Competition----------Set goals to chase and surpass


Enamorment---------Full of passion for life and singleness of heart